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Things Remembered as a Child of '67

  • Stretch Armstrong

  • "That's the Way (uh huh uh huh) I Like It" by KC and the Sunshine Band

  • The Bicentennial celebrations

  • Bell-bottoms the first time around

  • "Land of the Lost"

  • HR Puf'n'Stuff

  • Uncensored Bugs Bunny cartoons on Saturday mornings

  • Space Dust, the ancestor of Pop Rocks

  • Crazy Cow breakfast cereal

  • Casey Kasem's American Top 40

  • Dance Fever

  • The Energy Crisis

  • "The Thornbirds"

  • Being old enough to want to go Disco dancing, but too young to actually get to

  • Baby Alive

  • Cans of Slime

  • Lite Brites

  • Simon

What else?
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